"Fleet Side" Type Dump/Gravel Box

16’-6” for Tandem Drive and 22’ for Tri-Drive Trucks


GB-16600-L 16’-6” Fleet Side Type Box
Length: 16’-6” ID Length 7’-5 5/8” ID Width 41 13/16” ID Sides 13.3 cu/yrd: A-Frame Lift

GB-22000L 22’ Fleet SideType Box
Length: 22’ ID Length 7’-5 5/8” ID Width 41 13/16” ID Sides 17.4 cu/yrd: A-Frame Lift

QT-135 Floor and Formed Sides QT-100 Tail-Gate Skin Air-Operated Hi-Lift Tail-gate, Hydraulic Operated Hi-Lift Optional

Muncie Hydraulics: Air-Shift PTO, Air-Control Direct Mount Dump Pump, Poly Side Mount 50 gal Tank. 3-Line Hydraulics.

Options: Air Tarp Wet Kit/Apron for Mechanical and Air Ride Truck Suspensions, Out-Side Mount Front Ram, Batch Tail-Gate




Arctic “Wedge-Lock” Trip Lever

Provides Positive Tail-Gate Lock.

Features Rising-Rate Lock Force as Latch Lever Arm Closes With Case-Hardened Rollers.

Zerk Fittings on Main Cross-Shaft Pivot Tubes.

QT-100 Formed Long Sills for Increased Strength and Reduced Tare Weight.



Air-Operated High-Lift Tail-Gate.

Provides Damped Tail-Gate Lowering.

Simplified Installation on Straight Truck only Installations by Eliminating Remote Spool Valve.

Rams Located in Rear Towers Provides Increased Protection.





All Boxes Feature “Mailhot” Main Lift Rams with “Nitrate Coatings” For Increased Service Life. Optional Ram Configurations Are Available. “A-Frame” Type Front Ram Mount For Pin-Pin Type Rams As Well As Trunnion-Trunnion For “Doghouse” Free Boxes.

Muncie Hydraulic/PTO Units Are Standard. Standard 3-Line and Poly Side Mount 50 gal Tanks In- crease Muncie Pump Warranty.

2” Machined Rear Hinge Pins Are Standard On 16’-6” Box Installations And 2 1/2” Machined Rear Hinge Pins Are Standard On 22’ Box Installations.


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16'-6" Fleet Side

22 ' Fleet Side



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