Heavy Duty Heated V-Type Off-Road Sander

Exhaust heated V-Type sander featuring double V-Side walls and floor. QT-100 V-Sides and floor/chain trough. Heavy Duty 88HDX chain with 1 1/4” square QT-100 cross bars. Side wall feature numerous vented “Z-Bar” ribs for even distribution of heating gasses. Available in either fender/lighting equiped as the primary unit or without fenders and lights to mount inside an existing dump box. Dual worm drives with 2” shafts. QT-100 material used for drive sprockets. #40 double roller chain used to connect 2” Worm Drive shaft to central chain shaft. Grease type hydraulic chain tensioners employed.


Rear exhaust ducts directed up- ward to reduce “fog” from formed at rear of unit, improves visibility in cold conditions.

Internal hydraulic double acting breaker bar inside to break-up material cavity dome.

Angled covers over drives/mo- tors protects housing from mate- rial falling over end of “Grizzly”.


“Grizzly” features heavy duty hinges along side to allow “Grizzly to be “Tipped” for cleaning.

Loader buck- et lift plate as well as for “Hoe” use. 2” x 2” x 1/2” round bar woven grating used with numerous stiffener ribs.

Front and Rear of “Grizzly” have 6” vertical con- tainment edges to help reduce material from falling over the ends.

All units media blasted, then primed with 2-part DuPont epoxy primer and Imron polyurethane paint.



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