TA-26.1L-LL 196"w/b Long Logger


Chassis: Heavy Duty QT-100 frame, QT-100 cross members. “Huck” bolt fasteners for cross-member locations.

Suspension: Arctic Mfg Ltd walking beam suspension with 2-piece end caps. Urethane bushings for all pivot/mount locaions and 3 1/2” trunnion shaft on rear suspension. Rubber Quad-Block front suspension reduces spring bounce.

Axle: Dana D22FC-77” track, 5/8” wall with weld-on spiders

Hubs: 10-Stud cast hub pilot hubs, with long studs for dual aluminum wheels.

Drums: 10 stud cast out-board type 16 ½” x 7” brake drums.

Brakes: CM29 “Q-Type” (23,000lb OEM certifiable G.A.W.R.), enclosed air-ride camshafts with HD snap-rings, Haldex automatic slack adjusters. #30/30 spring brakes Haldex 4S/2M Anti-Lock Brake System.

Tires: Michelin XXY-3 11R24.5 load-range (H).

Rims: Alcoa aluminum machine finished 8.25 x 24.5 rims.

Bunks: 8’-6” LW-U Bunk with 14" Standard Interchange Cup/Saucer with Low-Profile QT-100 Bolster

Reach: Single Stage A-Frame Reach with Ureathane Bushed Swivel Eye.

Scales: Vulcan V320 VSL Side-Mount Short Logger Electronic’s.

Air: “SX” maxi brake air system with anti-compounding full function valves with a “Hostler” Quick release valve

Electrical: C.M.V.S.S. compliance lighting system. Sealed shock resistant lexan tail and clearance/marker lights. Sealed Bobtail receptacles and plugs for all exposed electrical harness. LED tail and marker lights.

Paint: DuPont Anti-corrosive zinc high-build epoxy primer with DuPont Imron epoxy single stage two part, same color on frame, axle, hubs. Color: Black. C.M.V.S.S. compliance reflective tape. Media blasted prior to priming/painting.

Rating: 41,731 kg G.V.W.R.

Options: Light-Weight Hub and Bi-Metal Drums.
Steel Wheel as well as Polished Aluminum Wheels.
11R22.5 XZY-3 (H) tires.
S.I. scales and electronics.


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